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Product Description

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<p>Purchase used radios with confidence from Refit Radio!</p>
<li>Save money on this two-unit bundle!</li>
<li>Can hold more than 800 channels.</li>
<li>Each pre-owned radio is bench tested by factory-trained professionals.</li>
<li>Ask about our public safety discount!</li>
<p>Why spend a lot of money for new radios when you can buy used Motorola radios for much cheaper? Aside from minor cosmetic blemishes, all radios have been tested to ensure that they are in working order. With this two-bundle unit, you will be well-equipped for the job ahead. Not to mention, each used radio comes with numerous additional features, including a backlit keypad, high-speed and embedded digital signaling, noise reduction software, and more! If you’re looking for a high-quality radio for a low price, then look no further than Refit Radio!<br /><br /><strong>What’s Included:</strong></p>
<li>(2) Motorola XTS2500 Radio w/ P25 Flashcode</li>
<li>(2) Antennas</li>
<li>(2) Batteries</li>
<li>(2) Belt Clips</li>
<li>(2) Charger</li>
<li><a href="https://refitradio.com/pages/warranty%20">Six-month warranty</a></li>
<li><a href="https://refitradio.com/pages/programming-policy">Free programming</a> - Sorry we don't program 800Mhz or ASK</li>
<p><strong>Radio Features:</strong></p>
<li>Power: VHF = 5 Watts, UHF = 4 Watts, 800Mhz = 3 Watts</li>
<li>Channels: 800 + Channels</li>
<li>Body Dimensions (inches): 6.00” H x 2.30” W x 1.50”L</li>
<li>Weight: Without battery 11 oz</li>
<li>Narrowband Compliant – 12.5 kHz and 25 kHz channel spacing</li>
<p>***P25 Flashcodes Vary - Our radios are P25 Digital/9600 Baud capable - due to potentially dangerous communication issues we DO NOT alter flash codes or radio functionality in any way. Give us a call if you are trying to match a specific flash code.<br /><br />***Our radios are pre-owned but each one is bench tested by factory-trained technicians before it is sold. Unless otherwise stated, these units may have minor cosmetic blemishes consistent with a used product. The six-month warranty covers the radio and internal component failure. It excludes physical/water damage and accessories. Accessories are covered by a 90-day warranty.<br /><br /><strong>Additional Features:</strong><br /><br /></p>
<li>Backlit keypad</li>
<li>Programmable soft keys</li>
<li>Digital portable radio</li>
<li>Specification sheet</li>
<li>700/800 MHz band</li>
<li>Trunking standards supported</li>
<li>APCO Project 25 (9600 control channel)</li>
<li>System configurations</li>
<li>Analog and digital trunking with Mutual Air</li>
<li>25 digital trunking with Mutual Air</li>
<li>Narrow and wide bandwidth digital receiver</li>
<li>(12.5 kHz, 20 kHz, 25 kHz)</li>
<li>High speed and embedded digital signaling (ASTRO)</li>
<li>Enhanced audio features</li>
<li>High-quality, error corrected digital voice</li>
<li>Noise reduction software</li>
<li>Audio gain control</li>
<li>Convenience features</li>
<li>Time / Date</li>
<li>Caller ID</li>
<li>Utilizes a Windows-based customer programming</li>
<li>Software (CPS)</li>
<li>Supports USB and RS-232 communications</li>
<li>Built-in FLASHport support</li>
<li>Meets Mil-Specs 810 C, D, E and F</li>
<li>Compatible with most MTS and XTS accessories</li>
<li>XTS, 2500, XTS2500, XTS-2500, XTS 2500</li>

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