Programming Terms

Programming Policy:  Normally, programing is a paid service that is based on tech time – however we offer a limited version of this service to save our customers money and install time on up to 10 radios. After you place your order you must promptly request our programming form and fill it out with accurate information. We normally process orders with 24hrs, if we don't receive your request for programming within 24hrs, the radio may ship un-programmed.  We will program up to 5 Channels (RX, TX and PL tones only) for free.  If you want additional channels you can send you an invoice for $2 per additional channel, you can ship a radio to clone (same model) or you can email us the codeplug to  If you are purchasing more than 10 units we will program the first 10 units for free, each radio thereafter will charged a $75 one-time technician fee and $2 per channel.

What’s Included:

  1. 5 Channels – Non trunking systems
    1. Channel Name – Alpha Tag
    2. RX/TX frequency
    3. PL/DPL with
  2. Basic Scan
  3. Cloning- (this requires you to send us a radio). We can clone the identical final configuration to other radios as long as you order the same exact model number.

What’s NOT included:

  1. Zone Assignments
  2. Advanced Scan List
  3. MDC Signaling
  4. Button Assignments

You must provide accurate programming information - we will simply program your radio with the information you provide.  We will not be held responsible for inaccurate programming information and returns will not be accepted for programming related issues.  In addition, we will not pay for any shipping costs related to programming.  Any programming change requests made after the radio is shipped will result in additional costs, not limited to shipping and tech time.  Please Note: We can’t diaganose a radio system over the phone; if you are having issues with your programming or system we suggest contacting a local radio shop for a service call.